LuminationX was created by experienced lovers of spiritual practices & creators of magical atmospheres. We offer more than just booking venues, we offer life-changing experiences that will connect you with your highest self. Our focus is on curating an experience from start to finish while infusing it with soulful experiences that will light up the world. 

what sets us apart

ready to start?

It all starts with a simple inquiry sharing your vision with us, that’s all it takes, no strings attached! As we speak the same language, we’ll help you figure out and plan for an unforgettable experience to enjoy along with your community. 


During our call, we’ll ask you all the questions we have in order to organize everything. Whether you want on-site services on the day of the event from our team or our network of LuminationX partners, or you seek help during the process of planning, launching, and marketing your retreat, our team will arrange everything so that you can create your dream retreat with ease and abundance.


discovery call

Then comes the planning process… We love this part! Get to know our process. 

We start identifying your vision answering the following questions: 
  • How many people do you want to gather together?
  • When exactly do you want to host the retreat?
  • How much would you spend on this event?
  • We have several locations for you! Which one fits better?
  • How do you want to market? How and where will you promote your Community? Let’s dive deeper on how you’ll share your message with the world!


Full service planning & launching


Now it’s time for execution and for you to shine and share your gifts. This part includes communication, marketing, setting up, logistics, and everything in between!

We’re your go - to to make sure it’s all streamlined and set up for you so you reserve all your energy to shine and lead the event of your dream!


on-site service & experience


luminationx team

For our clients to leave expansively illuminated

with every experience, we only have one goal:

The secret to creating the most illuminating experience is to count on the perfect people & the perfect space to host a wonderful retreat. Our featured spaces and venues will help you bring your experience to life.

Explore our Spaces

Get to know more about the kind of spaces that we aim to bring you in order to cultivate illuminating experiences: 
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces where you will connect with nature & create magical memories along with other people who share the same values as you
  • The kind of spaces that are the perfect fit for spiritual work, wellness, mindset & yoga practices
  • Beautiful spaces where you can host any activity you have in mind. We can decorate them as you dream of!