We wanted to help share that limitlessness by contributing the best way we know how: bringing together people from all over the world to connect and empower one another.  

Our mission is to bring more light to the world through transformative, expansive experiences - the ones that light up your spirit and raise your vibration!

What does that mean? LuminationX brings more light to the world through the power of community and connection! And… sprinkling a little bit of magick by making the experience extra special.

Whether you're a host, a vendor, or an attendee, we hope to join collectively in community and connection!

If there’s one thing we’ve realized in our journey, it’s that you can only do so much alone, but together – the possibilities are limitless. 


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• YOU FOCUS ON ENJOYING & being present
• we'll handle the lifting of setup!
• add-ons for unforgettable stays!
• ideation for a unique experience
• intimate & personalized attention
• support along the way
• a team to facilitate
• dining & gourmet options
• activities & adventures galore
• facilitators for a spiritual experience
• Yoga, breathwork, meditation, & more

all the small things...

Having always found solace in her yoga practice, she decided to give herself a shot at chasing her dreams and pursued a new career in yoga leggings. Straight out of graduating YTT, she started to host events in Hong Kong. It came so naturally as she was drawn to connection and community. It wasn’t long before she made it into the media outlets!

That’s when she decided to take things more seriously and looked into putting her ultimate dream into reality: opening a retreat centre for communities to connect! That’s what gave rise to LuminationX. More than just a venue to host, her mission is to illuminate the world by connecting communities through expansive experiences. 


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Sandra was a techpreneur who worked in a masculine industry of robotics for many years. Despite having received accolades as one of the leading female techpreneurs, she found herself burned out, exhausted, and frankly, under-fulfilled.


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Sandra Chan

meet our founder

Every retreat feels like a new beginning: the possibility of achieving anything you set your mind to. Not only will you feel refreshed after the retreat, but you’ll have gained a lifetime of memories, motivation to pursue your dream life, self-discovery, a new perspective to walk through life, transformative experiences and friendships that withstand the test of time!

an expansive & illuminating experience


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