The Green Nest Lodge is created with a vision of providing a spacious venue for illuminating, expansive and transformative experiences.

We are honoured to host & co-create the following impactful events in our space!


Upcoming events

Jun 20-23, 2024 (thur-Sun)
SEp 19-22, 2024 (Thur-Sun)
Dec 5-8, 2024 (Thur-Sun)

If you’ve been reflecting on what’s important in your life and how to get more of this, how to dream bigger and live bigger, and/or how to create your mid-life or best-life opportunity – then come join us at the Green Nest Lodge in the Kawarthas for our next Still Center Retreat!

We will be in nature, in luxury, in silence, in conversation and in flow – and it will be transformative and FUN!

We’ve designed the retreat to help you clarify and Live Your Dream Now – and Love Your Life Even More! 

Retreat Benefits Include:
  • You will be clear about what you want – specifically your dream, desire or goal
  • You will be clear about what may get in your way – as well as how to shift out of those moments
  • You will get present to key inspired insights – that are aligned with your dream
  • You will create key inspired actions – to help you propel toward your dream
  • You will be unstuck – and on your path to creating instead of waiting
  • You will feel rejuvenated and energized – after having connected with yourself, your dream, other amazing guests and nature
  • You will start living your dream – and loving your life even more!

Live Your Dream Now!